Reports and Documents – Westchester/Veterans


Public Review Draft

The City of Inglewood is pleased to present the Public Review Draft of the Westchester/Veterans TOD Plan. Below, please find the draft document divided by chapter. Please send any comments on the plan to Senior Planner Fred Jackson ( by Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

Cover, Acknowledgements-Table of Contents – PDF
Chapter 1 – Citywide Framework – PDF
Chapter 2 – Plan Overview – PDF
Chapter 3a – Concept Plan – PDF
Chapter 3b – Concept Plan – PDF
Chapter 4 – Zoning – PDF
Chapter 5 – Development Standards and Design Guidelines – PDF
Chapter 6 – Implementation Action Plan – PDF
Appendix A – PDF
The City of Inglewood is pleased to present the Notice of Preparation of the Draft Environmental Impact Report and Scoping Meeting for the Westchester/Veterans and Crenshaw/Imperial TOD Plans. Please send any comments on the plan to Planning Manager Mindala Wilcox ( by Wednesday, November 29, 2017, or attend the Scoping Meeting at the Inglewood City Hall Community Room, Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm.
Notice Of Preparation – PDF

Community Workshop #3

Workshop Presentation – PDF
Workshop Notes – PDF
Zoning Districts – PDF
Urban Design Framework – PDF
Airport Campus – PDF
Station Area – PDF

Existing Conditions Report

Demographic Trends and Conditions Report – PDF
Baseline Data Infrastructure – PDF
Mobility & Parking – PDF
Planning & Urban Design – PDF

Community Workshop #2

Alternatives Legend – PDF
Alternatives Map – PDF
Group Discussion Notes and Preferred Alternatives – PDF