Westchester/Veterans Workshop 3

The third of four Community Workshops for the TOD Plan for the Westchester/Veterans area was held on June 29, 2017, at U.S. Veterans Initiative. Approximately thirty members of the public, including residents of the veterans’ housing complex, local residents, and building professionals, joined City staff and the City’s consultant team.

Mindy Wilcox from the City of Inglewood introduced the consultant team, led by Larry Morrison of The Arroyo Group. Mr. Morrison was supported by Philip Burns, also of The Arroyo Group; Anton Anderson, of Productivity Consulting; Viggen Davidian, of Iteris; and Stanley Hoffman, of Stanley R. Hoffman Associates. The team presented TOD Plan concepts and development and design standards.

The major highlights of the TOD Plan included:

  • Converting Manchester Boulevard into a Green Boulevard, connecting with Downtown Inglewood and Westchester, with protected bike lanes and groundwater recharge swales
  • Protecting and formalizing the emerging arts district around Manchester, Hindry and Isis
  • Enabling the development of a mixed-use area near the Westchester/Veterans station if the market is favorable
  • Developing open spaces and neighborhood mixed-use to support potential and existing residential uses
  • Recycling car rental sites that may go vacant in the future into an employment-generating Airport Campus
  • Creating safe pedestrian and bicycle bridges across the 405 freeway

Most questions offered by the members of the public were clarification questions, but one vocal person questioned the extent of change in the City and whether small businesses and regular people would benefit. Other suggestions included the creation of a Community Center associated with the arts and a Metro parking structure.
Workshop Presentation – PDF
Workshop Notes – PDF
Zoning Districts – PDF
Urban Design Framework – PDF
Airport Campus – PDF
Station Area – PDF