Westchester/Veterans Workshop 2

The second of four Community Workshops for the TOD Plan for the Westchester/Veterans area was held on March 9, 2017, at U.S. Veterans Initiative. The approximately fifty members of the public who attended included residents of the veterans’ housing complex, Inglewood more generally, and Westchester, as well as local architects and representatives of the City of Los Angeles.

Mindy Wilcox from the City of Inglewood and the City’s consultant team briefly introduced the land use alternatives under discussion at the workshop. These alternatives were:

Station Area (both sides of Manchester, north to Florence, east to Glasgow)
1. Residential/Retail Mixed Use
2. Transit-Oriented “Makers” District – Live/Work, Arts, Breweries, Hostels, Retail, Light Industrial

Freeway Corridor (between Florence, La Cienega, Olive and Glasgow)
1. Industrial/Office Flex Campus
2. Status Quo

Aviation Arbor Vitae
1. Airport-Related Specialty Campus and Public Open Space
2. Airport-Related Specialty Campus and NFL Practice Facility
3. Large Warehousing/Distribution Campus

Members of the public discussed the alternatives in concert with the consultant team and created land use plans out of the preferred alternatives.

Opinions between the alternatives in the Station Area were nearly evenly split. Some opposed housing entirely, others were saw housing as a great regional need, and for others the creation of affordable housing would be the determining factor.

The majority of attendees did support more amenities in the area such as supermarkets and open space, including at Aviation Arbor Vitae. Some favored as many trees as possible in the open space to clean the air.

Most also supported upgrading the Freeway Corridor. However, there were concerns about traffic at that location

Alternatives Legend – PDF
Alternatives Map – PDF
Group Discussion Notes and Preferred Alternatives – PDF