Westchester/Veterans Workshop 1


The first of four Community Workshops for the TOD Plan for the Westchester/Veterans area was held on a rainy January 10, 2017, at Faithful Central Bible Church. Approximately fifteen members of the public attended, as well as City staff and the City’s consultant team led by The Arroyo Group. Inglewood residents, businessmen, real estate professionals and architects were among those present.

Mindy Wilcox from the City of Inglewood introduced the plan. The consultant team then gave a presentation describing how the area fit into the rapidly changing landscape of Inglewood – and issues and opportunities in the station area from the perspectives of land use and urban design, mobility and parking, and economics.

Members of the public then participated in an activity placing dots on potential vision statement elements developed by the consultant team. A brief discussion of potentials followed.

Workshop attendees were enthusiastic that the area should become a western gateway to the City with improved streetscape and open space connections over the 405 freeway, to the Metro station, to Downtown Inglewood and to Hollywood Park. One person suggested building a park that would cap the 405 freeway, while another suggested either constructing a new bridge below the Metro freeway bridge or using the old rail bridge to enhance pedestrian and bicycle mobility across the freeway.

Attendees felt strongly that the highest priority goal for the plan should be to preserve and create good jobs for local residents. However, they were also open to the idea of residential uses west of the 405 near the station. They also favored subsidized housing and improved programs for the homeless.

Workshop Day 1 Presentation – PDF
Westchester/Veterans Postcard – PDF
Westchester/Veterans Workshop 1