The Westchester/Veterans area surrounds the future Westchester/Veterans Metro station at Florence and Hindry Avenues on the south and east sides. (The north and west sides of the station are in the City of Los Angeles.) Much of the area is zoned for light industrial uses and is used for manufacturing, warehouse/distribution and automotive-related commercial. Many of the businesses depend on LAX –either for air shipments or for customers for rental car facilities. The area also includes the famous Randy’s Donuts at Manchester and La Cienega Boulevards, two car dealerships, Home Depot and a veterans housing facility.

There is very little open space in the planning area, particularly west of the 405 freeway. The area remains very automobile-oriented; neither the streets nor the land uses are conducive to pedestrian activity. In particular, pedestrian and bicycle connections across the freeway are dangerous and uncomfortable.

Important potentials for the area include encouraging higher-density transit-oriented uses, establishing a focal point for the district along Manchester Boulevard west of the 405 freeway, potentially reusing sites currently occupied by rental car facilities if and when these facilities move into the new LAX consolidated rental car facility, and improving pedestrian and bike circulation throughout and across the freeway.

Sample of comments about the area:

“I’m not opposed to having housing near the station. People who work at the airport in the airlines, in logistics, need a place to live.” – Community leader

“Being close to the airport is the driving force behind property values.” – Local developer

We surveyed and interviewed people in local businesses and on the street on their thoughts about the area. Below are results on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 as the worst and 5 as the best.

Attractiveness/Cleanliness 3.6
Availability of Services 3.4