Project Schedule

The following schedule identifies major steps in the planning process. The schedule will be adjusted as necessary throughout the duration of the project.


September 2016 Project Initiation
October 2016 – January 2017Existing Conditions studies and Analysis
November 2016 Interviews with Key Stakeholders
January 10, 2017 Community Workshop 1: Issues and Opportunities
January –March 2017 Identification of Alternatives
March 2017 Community Workshop 2: Review Conceptual Development Plan Alternatives
March – May 2017 Development of Regulatory Documents: TOD District Plans, Transit Overlay Zones, Development Standards and Design Guidelines
May 2017 Community Workshop 3: Review and Finalize Design and Development Standards
June – October 2017Preparation of Draft Environmental Documentation
November 2017 Community Workshop 4: Review and Finalize City Regulatory Documents
January – February 2018 Public Hearings with Planning Commission and City Council