Crenshaw/Imperial Workshop 1


The first of four Community Workshops for the TOD Plan for the Crenshaw/Imperial area was held on a rainy January 10, 2017, at Bennett/Kew Elementary School. The rain and the concurrent farewell speech by President Barack Obama dampened turnout, but residents, City staff and the City’s consultant team held a lively and productive discussion of the existing conditions, threats and opportunities present in the planning area.

Members of the public were worried about the traffic impacts of football games and other events at Hollywood Park for their corner of the City. However, they planned on avoiding traffic headaches by walking to Hollywood Park for events. They reacted very favorably to the ͞Champions’ Mile͟ enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connection proposed by the consultant team. The ͞Champions’ Mile,͟ which would extend 1-2 miles out from the NFL stadium in a northerly and/or southerly direction to Metro Rail, would include enhanced sidewalks, commemorative signage, public art, banners, etc. to create a festive and comfortable atmosphere for accessing Hollywood Park without relying on a vehicle.

The workshop attendees were unsatisfied with the state of the commercial areas of the planning area. Imperial Highway was seen unfavorably, with unattractive land uses and danger for drivers and pedestrians. The shopping centers on the northeast and southeast corners of Crenshaw Boulevard and Imperial Highway did not have stores that attracted the attendees; therefore, they left the area to go shopping. They favored redeveloping these sections of the community, as well as the apartment areas on Crenshaw and Imperial, with mixed-use development and open space.

Crenshaw/Imperial Presentation – PDF
Crenshaw/Imperial Postcard – PDF
Crenshaw/Imperial Workshop 1