The Crenshaw/Imperial planning area is located in the City of Inglewood around the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Imperial Highway, and near Crenshaw Station on the Metro Green Line. The area is largely single-family residential in nature with a major commercial node at the corner of Crenshaw and Imperial, and multi-family residential and strip commercial uses along the major streets.

The commercial node at Crenshaw and Imperial consists of three shopping centers with large parking lots, one of which is currently undergoing a large renovation. There are potentials to tie the shopping centers together with improved streetscapes, pedestrian pathways and better services which could make it a suitable gateway to the City of Inglewood from the south. In general, there is a strong potential to tie this area together with the Metro Green Line Station and Hollywood Park with a game day walking/biking connection and better public transit connections. The current pedestrian and bicycle connection to the Green Line Station from the neighborhood is very poor and may be redesigned for safety, open space and/or development benefits.

Sample of comments about the area:

“There is lots of traffic.” – Neighborhood resident

“There used to be nice department stores here, like a Boston.” – Community leader

“Imperial Highway is really bad. I almost got robbed outside the vacant gas station on Imperial and Yukon.” – Neighborhood resident

“In the shopping centers, crime is not a major concern, but homelessness is.” – Shopping center manager

We surveyed and interviewed people in local businesses and on the street on their thoughts about the area. Below are results on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 as the worst and 5 as the best.

Attractiveness/Cleanliness 2.8
Walkability 3.4
Availability of Services 3.3