Community Workshop #4

The New Downtown Inglewood
Inglewood Transit Oriented Development Plans


The final of four Community Workshops for “The New Downtown Inglewood” was held on August 11, 2015 at the Inglewood Public Library Lecture Hall. Approximately sixty to seventy members of the public accompanied City staff and the City’s consultant team at the workshop.

Mindy Wilcox from the City of Inglewood welcomed the workshop attendees. The consultant team (Larry Morrison and Philip Burns, The Arroyo Group; Anton Anderson, Productivity Consulting; Viggen Davidian, Iteris; Lloyd Zola, Metis Environmental Group) reviewed the Concept Plans, Zoning and Macro and Micro Design Guidelines for the Downtown and Fairview Heights areas which were originally presented in the third Community Workshop held in November 2015. Mr. Zola presented a summary of the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which was released to the public in early July.

Most of the reaction to the plan was positive. There were questions of clarification about what the plan did and did not affect. The City and consultant team clarified that the plan did not affect regulations surrounding the preservation of historic houses and tax rates, among other issues. Several questions sought to determine the timeline of the plan’s implementation, with many participants anxious to see the area revitalize as soon as possible. As a counterpoint, one local business owner expressed concern about being able to stay in business on Market Street and asked for assistance from the City.

Workshop #4: Presentation – PDF
Workshop #4: Concept Plan Recommendations for Fairview Heights – PDF