Community Workshop #3

The New Downtown Inglewood
Inglewood Transit Oriented Development Plans


The third of four Community Workshops for “The New Downtown Inglewood” was held on November 19, 2015 at the Inglewood Public Library Lecture Hall. Between forty and fifty members of the public accompanied City staff and the City’s consultant team at the workshop.

Mindy Wilcox from the City of Inglewood welcomed the workshop attendees. The consultant team (Larry Morrison and Philip Burns, The Arroyo Group; Anton Anderson, Productivity Consulting; Viggen Davidian, Iteris; Stanley Hoffman, Stanley R. Hoffman Associates; Timothy Lowe, Waronzof Associates) then presented the Concept Plans, Zoning and Macro and Micro Design Guidelines for the Downtown and Fairview Heights areas. These products were created based on the vision and preferred conceptual development plan alternatives selected by the community at the first and second workshops. The highlights of the plan included:

  • A new North Market Place destination with a lively mix of retail and residential uses around a Downtown Inglewood Plaza – the City’s new gathering place
  • A new mixed-use southern termination to Market Street
  • Guidelines for infill projects along Market Street
  • TechTown, an employment district of flexible use buildings oriented to a daylighted stream with Class I bike paths connecting to the Metro station and Rogers Park
  • North Station TOD, a mixed-use development adjacent to the Downtown Inglewood station oriented around a station plaza and broad stairway connecting the station to the north
  • A new institutional, residential and retail TOD gateway to the City of Inglewood, Fairview Heights and Vincent Park around the Fairview Heights Metro station
  • A network of Green Boulevards with protected bike lanes and groundwater recharge swales
  • A Downtown and TechTown parking management district
  • Form-based building prototypes for smaller projects in multi-family residential and neighborhood commercial zones
  • Recommended implementation steps to turn the plan into reality

Members of the public reacted to the plan in different ways. Several voices expressed that the plan was wonderful and exciting for Inglewood, something they wanted to be a part of. Others were concerned about traffic, noise and parking impacts. There was also a robust debate about the desirability of the revitalization of Downtown Inglewood due to fears of displacement based on experiences of gentrification in other communities. City of Inglewood staff assured members of the public that the City is working to build equity into the plan based on comments received during this and previous workshops.
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