Community Workshop #2

The New Downtown Inglewood
Inglewood Transit Oriented Development Plans


The second of four Community Workshops for “The New Downtown Inglewood” was held on September 15, 2015 at St. John Chrysostom Church. Approximately seventy (70) members of the public attended the workshop along with City staff and the City’s consultant team.

Christopher Jackson, Department Manager, and Mindy Wilcox, Acting Planning Manager welcomed the workshop attendees and clarified that the role of the project is to make changes to the city’s General Plan, zoning code and design guidelines. The consultant team then presented Conceptual Development Plans and Conceptual Development Plan Alternatives for the Downtown Inglewood and Fairview Heights areas. Larry Morrison from The Arroyo Group presented Land Use Alternatives for twelve major change areas, six in Downtown and six in Fairview Heights, as well as conceptual drawings of new and rehabilitated buildings and new public spaces that could restore Market Street’s place as the centerpiece of Downtown Inglewood. Viggen Davidian of Iteris presented the overall mobility and parking strategy for each area, including improving the ability of Downtown’s major boulevards to accommodate all transportation modes and using a parking district strategy in the Historic Downtown. Philip Burns from The Arroyo Group presented sustainability and public art concepts, and Stanley Hoffman from Stanley R. Hoffman Associates presented a range of costs and funding strategies for the possible renovation of the Fox Theater. Mr. Morrison, Mr. Davidian and Mr. Hoffman then gave a presentation on the transportation linkage alternatives between Downtown Inglewood, the Forum and Hollywood Park, with the benefits, drawbacks and funding strategies for streetcar, shuttle system, and personal rapid transit options.

Members of the public then divided into four groups to discuss the land use alternatives presented by Larry Morrison and formulate their own recommended land use maps. Workshop participants in general favored job-creating technology (industrial/R&D) uses in the northwestern “TechTown” portion of Downtown and residential-retail mixed-use on major sites around the Historic Downtown core to create a more vibrant city. They were divided about their preferences for the Walgreens/Buy Low and Don Lee Farms sites immediately north of the station, with some preferring little change and others a mixed-usedevelopment that would give access to the station from the north. For Fairview Heights, workshop participants supported a vision of development in scale and consistency with the historic neighborhood, with support for artist live-work spaces.

Residents expressed their support for expanded economic and educational opportunities, including for institutional zoning around Fairview Heights station. They voiced the hope that a vibrant bring to their city, and the concern that low-income residents and small, local businesses would not be able to remain in Inglewood, suggesting that proactive steps be taken to protect and/or relocate local businesses within the general area if the properties they rent are redeveloped.

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