Community Workshop #1

The New Downtown Inglewood
Inglewood Transit Oriented Development Plans


The first of four Community Workshops for “The New Downtown Inglewood” was held on July 16, 2015, at Faithful Central Bible Church. Over forty members of the public attended, as well as City staff and the City’s consultant team led by The Arroyo Group.

Mindy Wilcox and Christopher Jackson from the City of Inglewood and Nick Saponara from Metro introduced the plan. The consultant team then initiated their presentation describing the purposes of the plan – to stimulate transit ridership and revitalize the areas close to the future Downtown Inglewood and Fairview Heights Metro stations – and issues and opportunities for each station area from the perspectives of land use and urban design, mobility and parking, and economics.

Members of the public then proceeded to give their comments, which were very diverse, reflecting the differing viewpoints espoused by members of the community

In general, the community cares about the revitalization of Downtown Inglewood. Workshop participants noted the history of the area and their fond memories there. In the future, residents want to see Downtown showcase the City’s local businesses and artists, though some chains such as Starbucks would also be welcomed. Residents noted several issues to the revitalization of Downtown including concerns about cleanliness, security and the homeless, and a perceived lack of convenient parking. Others worried that revitalization could induce displacement of existing residents and businesses; they reported that rents were already increasing. Finally, several members of the public mentioned improving public transportation links to Downtown Inglewood and the station from the rest of the city, in particular the Forum and Hollywood Park.

Workshop #1 Announcement – PDF
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