Community Involvement – Downtown & Fairview Heights

Community Workshops
The City of Inglewood invited the public to attend the four community workshops that were held in approximately July, September and November of 2015, and July 2016. These workshops occurred at the following milestone stages of the project:

The workshops informed, encouraged discussion and solicited feedback from the community to ensure that the Plans expressed the values, knowledge and ideas of the community as a whole, and that the community’s perspective was taken into account throughout the process.

Outreach Events
The Arroyo Group presented at Inglewood High School (noon, June 17), Faithful Central Bible Church (11:00 am, June 21) and St. John Chrysostom Parish (11:00 am, June 21) to engage the public about the issues and opportunities for Downtown Inglewood and the TOD areas in a casual setting. Kiosks were set up where community members observed visual information about the areas, responded by contributing ideas or comments, and dialogued with staff members. Everyone was welcome.