Welcome to “The New Downtown Inglewood,” the website for the City of Inglewood’s new transit-oriented development plans. UPDATE: This project has been extended by the City of Inglewood to include ALL the Metro stops in the city. We would like to invite you to peruse and engage with the information provided about the plans that are being created for the areas surrounding the stations of the new Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line, which will open in 2019, and the existing Crenshaw stop of the Green Line. View new planning areas below.

Westchester Veterans Map
Imperial Crenshaw Map

The recently adopted New Downtown & Fairview Heights TOD Plan & Design Guidelines will help restore Downtown Inglewood into being an area that is vibrant, walkable and the heart of the City, and enhance access throughout.

Centered on Market Street, Downtown Inglewood was once the true heart of the community. Residents and workers rode the Red Car and drove in to the large stores and restaurants in the city center. Movie theaters drew crowds to the premieres of films we today consider classics. When the large anchor stores left, however, Downtown lost its place as the commercial and social heart of the city, and in recent years, has been largely devoid of activity.

“On Market Street, there were nice restaurants and nice stores. They had big department stores before: a J.C. Penney’s, a Boston store. You would call them, and they would pick out a gift for you. And Manchester had boutiques.” – Longtime resident

Alongside many residents, the City of Inglewood believes this is the time for Downtown Inglewood to undergo a renaissance and become a vibrant gathering place for the whole community. Light rail service from LAX, Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica will improve accessibility to the area. Development and reinvestment at the Forum and Hollywood Park are giving Inglewood a new image and cache in Southern California. A veritable art scene has risen throughout the community, and a new generation of young people is expressing their preference for living in historic, mixed-use neighborhoods in cities across the country.

“[Downtown Inglewood is] intimate, it can be friendly. There’s a cool feel. It has access to everywhere, including the Forum and Hollywood Park.” – Community leader

“Inglewood is one of the easiest places to get to. It is a real diamond in the rough with perfect weather.” – Longtime resident and urban planner

“Downtown is convenient and beautiful.” – Community leader

Your participation is necessary for these plans to embody and implement the vision, values, knowledge and ideas of the community for the areas surrounding the transit stations.